Saturday, January 30, 2010

West Wingin’ It

One morning a few weeks back I was getting ready for work, and as usual I turned on the television to check the morning news, weather and traffic. I accidentally ran across a rerun of The West Wing, airing on a cable channel. My first thought was, “I could call in sick!” I really believe that if there would have been a second episode airing, I would have found a way to stay home and watch it.

While I am a man of deep convictions, I have endeavored in this blog not to talk religion or politics, lest it become just another rant from another zealot that would go largely unread, even by those who love me most. But since I brought up the subject, I will confess that I am unashamedly evangelical in my religious beliefs and conservative in my politics. If you are not, that’s ok with me.

See, while my opinions on most things political tend to align with those of the Republican Party, I am able to see clearly why Democrats believe what they do. You don’t have to agree with somebody to understand…even appreciate their viewpoint. In fact, with few exceptions I believe most of us want the same things; to feed the poor, to clothe the naked and to bring comfort to those who mourn. The difference is in the method.

When the Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America is being played, I think it doesn’t matter whether you are Republican or Democrat…your hand goes to your heart. And if you’re like me, you pretend to have a sniffle, to mask the tears beginning to well up.

And that brings me back to the show “West Wing”. I’ve been asked, “How can you watch that show? It’s a show where the liberals are in charge. The bills they support and the policies they advocate are contrary to what you believe.” And in many cases that is true. Sometimes I just have to grimace when I hear something about the outlawing of guns or making abortion more readily available. It’s those times I have to look past the dialogue and recognize the character behind it.

See, it’s the patriotism that draws me in; the respect shown the President of our United States; the love of country depicted in the characters that chose to pursue a career in politics because of their desire to see things made better. The writing is nothing less that excellent; laced with just the right amount of wit and humor. The acting, with few exceptions, is top notch. And I often find myself sniffling to mask the tears that are beginning to well up.

This evening my next door neighbor, Patrick, brought over the whole first season on DVD for me to watch. I just finished episode three and am writing this as fast as I can, anxious to get back to “my” show.

God Bless you, Patrick…and God Bless America.


  1. We have lost sight of the honor of the position, President of the United States and we are poorer for it.

  2. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. There are only 130 some odd episodes to watch after the first season.

    The thing that keeps me it in perspective is that it is a drama. I try to be careful to never get reactionary about just anything on the boob tube. It is fantasy, make beleive and entertainment only. It allows me to escape the real world for 48 minutes every now and then.

  3. Wife and I are fairly conservative, though we often vote split ticket based on issues. But West Wing really does what you said, the characters are cardboard cut out liberals. They are portrayed as real people who take running the country seriously. That's why it's a show anyone can watch, regardless of politics.

    And top that with some bits that cross party lines where the writers nailed an issue. Hard to pass up. Enjoy!