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White Paper

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol at Last evening I was digging through some old papers and came across something from my past; something I thought was lost forever. In January 1996 my friend Pastor Ken Wood headed up the Oklahoma City office of the Christian Coalition.  The "CC" was active in the political realm, distributing voter guides, promoting Christian values and fighting for Christian-Friendly legislation.  Ken asked me to do some research on divorce for a bill before the Oklahoma State House. I thought I would share this with you.  What follows is the white paper I put together for Ken, who then distributed it to Representatives up at the State House.   You may be surprised who really makes our laws! In Support of House Bill 2554  Dear Friend: With the onset of "no-fault" divorce in the 1960s, our Nation embarked upon a trend toward quick and easy divorces; a trend that swept through Oklahoma in 1971. Alth

Black Jack

The distance between the stressful day and the serenity of home was disappearing behind me at 75 miles per hour when suddenly and without warning the car in front of me swerved to the inside lane.   And then I saw it - a black object lying in the middle of the road.     At first glance it resembled one of those large hunks of tire tread you often see littering the highway.   The formula of car-lengths to miles-per-hour flashed through my mind as I too swerved, but in the opposite direction, successfully avoiding the thing that blocked my way.   In retrospect I realize the reason I went right instead of left was because the car before me may or may not have created a new obstacle, and the right shoulder offered more surety of safe passage.   The only thing I had to offer was a quick prayer... But that split-second decision to swerve right instead of left, while obviously the safest choice, also afforded me a full view of the object I was swerving to miss.   And words f

The Kepler Mission

Have you heard of the Kepler Mission?  In March of 2009 NASA launched KEPLER ; a space observatory (cool rocket ship).  The mission of the Kepler observatory is to survey the Milky Way galaxy and discover Earth-like planets in or near the habitable zone. As of now Kepler had found over 2,700 candidates, and 132 of those have been confirmed exoplanets. Now I’m not real sure the definition of such terms as habitable zone and exoplanet .  But it sounds like we might all want to pack some bags in case we will be moving to a new planet soon.  This one seems to be getting pretty threadbare anyway. ...Ole’ Kepler has his work cut out for him! That Kepler rocket ship has a tough task though.  See, planets revolve around stars, and there are over 375 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone.  Furthermore, there are over 100 billion other galaxies like the Milky Way.  So I would say ole’ Kepler has his work cut out for him! All this new planets talk got me to thinking about so

No Bananas

I don’t know what you believe on the subject of divine healing. But if you’ve ever been sick or infirm and then sensed the presence of God and felt the power of God – and received a healing, I’m sure you are a believer.  Such is the case with me. Folks, I’ve seen a crippled man get up and walk.  I’ve seen barren wombs spring forth with new life.  I’ve seen my own child brought back from his deathbed in response to a cry out to God!  I’ve even seen God miraculously set a broken bone as I held a little girl in my arms and prayed.  And the healings and miracles I’ve heard about and read about go far beyond the great things I’ve personally witnessed. We used to see the Shekinah Glory of God roll across the sanctuary… To deny the presence of God would be akin to denying the existence of… well, of life itself!  So you can imagine the excitement I felt a few weeks ago when I visited a local church on a Sunday morning and saw the presence of God rolling into the praise service.  The