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"Like" Jesus!

The other day my neighbor, a social media expert, told me he was invited to speak on the subject of social media in faith based organizations.  I took that to mean, “Are churches, synagogues and mosques using Facebook and Twitter to spread their message?”  Frankly, I suspect that for every house of worship availing themselves of social media there is another out there somewhere exhorting the evils of such ‘worldly trappings’.  I think I even heard of a pastor who delivered a sermon encouraging his congregation to quit Facebook altogether.  I may have misunderstood that message, but I have seen several people declare a ‘fasting’ from Facebook for a time. So, is there a place for social media in the faith?  While I may not wholly be qualified to answer that question, I can speak to what social media has done for one-on-one ministry.  But instead I'll let you read for yourself a brief Facebook conversation that took place this very day.  (The names have not been changed, since neith