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No Bananas

I don’t know what you believe on the subject of divine healing. But if you’ve ever been sick or infirm and then sensed the presence of God and felt the power of God – and received a healing, I’m sure you are a believer.  Such is the case with me. Folks, I’ve seen a crippled man get up and walk.  I’ve seen barren wombs spring forth with new life.  I’ve seen my own child brought back from his deathbed in response to a cry out to God!  I’ve even seen God miraculously set a broken bone as I held a little girl in my arms and prayed.  And the healings and miracles I’ve heard about and read about go far beyond the great things I’ve personally witnessed. We used to see the Shekinah Glory of God roll across the sanctuary… To deny the presence of God would be akin to denying the existence of… well, of life itself!  So you can imagine the excitement I felt a few weeks ago when I visited a local church on a Sunday morning and saw the presence of God rolling into the praise service.  The