Crime fiction meets Christian values, with a side of supernatural intrigue!


Reece's first full length novel is now available!

      Darnell is a quaint little town of proud upstanding football fans; the very model of Middle America. Or so it would appear! But deep within the bowels of this picturesque community, hidden from the outside world, a secret accord has been struck - and another coach has been targeted.

      Crime fiction meets Christian values, with a side of supernatural intrigue in this tale of sinister forces let loose on a small Oklahoma town. OSBI’s top cop, Special Agent David Riggins catches the case expecting to make a quick arrest. But when he opens the file he recognizes a name from his past. And he realizes this isn’t just another garden variety crime spree, but a saga in which he has a personal stake.

      Who or what is killing the coaches of Darnell - and why? Can Special Agent Riggins overcome his own personal demons and deliver redemption from the evil that has beset this once peaceful hamlet? And will Coach Justin Roberts be spared the terrible fate that befell those who coached before him?

Now available in paperback at AMAZON.COM for $14.95

Now available on Kindle for $7.95


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