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084 - Dodging the Bullet

My stepson, Jerry is approaching his 18th birthday with an understandable measure of glee.  After all, think of the milestones of life that go into effect at 18; voting for president, smoking cigarettes (if you are so inclined), entering into legal contracts, and registering for the draft.   The what? That’s right, Jerry.  Within 30 days of your upcoming birthday you are required by law to enter your registration for Selective Service.  That way the government will have your name and birth date, should global war break out on three major fronts.  Of course, you can always get out in front of things by enlisting.  Your local recruiter will give you the lowdown – and you can believe every word he says; right veterans? At 084 I was sure to be wearing olive drab khakis, had it not been for President Nixon... This got me thinking about how things were back when I was a kid. In December 1969 the Vietnam War was raging on, and men were needed.  So someone in the government wrote th