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Black Jack

The distance between the stressful day and the serenity of home was disappearing behind me at 75 miles per hour when suddenly and without warning the car in front of me swerved to the inside lane.   And then I saw it - a black object lying in the middle of the road.     At first glance it resembled one of those large hunks of tire tread you often see littering the highway.   The formula of car-lengths to miles-per-hour flashed through my mind as I too swerved, but in the opposite direction, successfully avoiding the thing that blocked my way.   In retrospect I realize the reason I went right instead of left was because the car before me may or may not have created a new obstacle, and the right shoulder offered more surety of safe passage.   The only thing I had to offer was a quick prayer... But that split-second decision to swerve right instead of left, while obviously the safest choice, also afforded me a full view of the object I was swerving to miss.   And words f