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The Hop

The Joke The sole survivor of a shipwreck was rescued from a deserted island after several years alone. His rescuers marveled at the expansive hut he had built as his home. Then they noticed two more huts near one another on the other side of the small island. When asked about the other two huts he pointed to one of them. “That’s where I go to church!” he exclaimed with pride. “Interesting”, replied one of the rescuers. “And what is that other hut?” “Oh”, he chagrined , “that’s where I used to go to church.” (Insert rim-shot here) Church Hopping Church hopping - the very term seems to carry an air of negativity - as if a person should find a church, roll up his sleeves and get busy. And never ever again in the unfolding saga of his life should he find the need, desire or opportunity to change from the church where he attends and serves. But then we are reminded of concepts such as, when one door closes another one opens, or “…for such a time as this…” And we realize