Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I’m Not Really Sicilian

You’d think I was in the Mafia or something…the number of cousins I have. But these are really cousins. You know, family - not “family”. On my mom’s side I have four; on dad’s side, 10. Some I was closer to than others – closer in age, in proximity, in relationship.

If you’re not on Facebook you might check it out. It’s really cool. Oh, I know there are a lot of silly distractions built in. You can farm imaginary crops, shoot imaginary mobsters or find out what your imaginary leprechaun name is. But it’s not all imaginary. The people are real. And they are people you know, or used to know, and maybe would like to know better.

For instance, I might have gone the rest of my life without really knowing my cousin Gina. Oh, I knew her when we were kids, but when you’re a kid another kid has to be pretty close to your age to pal around, and she was a few years younger. I remember one Christmas Eve when the family got together at her house. Gina’s dad, Uncle Vito… uhummmmm, I mean Uncle Cliff… waited until she went off to the bedroom to play. Then he retrieved her present from its hiding place. I seem to remember a life size ballerina doll, or was that what my brother got that year? Anyway, we called Gina and then all ran outside and pointed at the sky. “You just missed him”, we chuckled. And she said, “Oh shoot man (or whatever 5 year old girls used to say)”.

Her memory of that night might be totally different – and they may both be wrong – who knows. The point is, we grew up, moved off and lost touch. And that’s the way it would have been if not for Facebook. Now I know where she lives, what kind of music she enjoys, and what her beautiful family looks like. And I know she truly loves God, just as I do.

I’ve “friended” more long lost cousins, and look forward to getting to know them better. Do it. Join up, and reconnect with those friends and relatives you used to be close to. Maybe you will be again.

Thank me later. Right now me and Cousin Rocco from Jersey have some collections to go make.

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