Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rolex Watch – Part 2 (read part 1 first)

Forgive me. I know the title of this entry is deceptive. You are hoping a certain preacher read my last entry and returned to me not only my twist-o-flex band, but the gold Rolex watch with the Halliburton logo that was attached to it. That hasn’t happened - not yet at least!

But perchance somebody might actually be influenced by something I share in this venue, I want you to realize I DO believe in giving. And I believe in being blessed in and for that giving. Part 2 of the watch story isn’t really about the watch – it’s about a car.

It was the early 80s and I was serving on staff at a mid-sized church in south OKC. One of my co-workers, another minister on staff, was dealing with the challenge of being one car short. His wife would have to shuttle him to work before going to her job, and he would have to wait for her to get off work to pick him up. He was a precious man and not a complainer, and they made do. Did I mention that he lived on the other side of town from the church?

I on the other hand lived just a few blocks from the church – what would have at one time been considered walking distance (although not in this modern age). And I had two cars and a motorcycle. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this story is going. I sensed God moving on my heart to give my work car to him. The thought excited me! I shared this with the church secretary and she got excited too…and she got involved. She paid to have the seats recovered, which was about all the car needed to make it presentable. And present it we did, along with the title and the keys.

He was blessed by the car. She was blessed to see him get the car. I was blessed to be a part of it all. And, while every time I think of my Rolex watch it saddens me, every time I think of that little gray Chevy my heart floods with joy. People, this is how it’s supposed to work.

The reason I call this “The Rolex Watch – Part 2” is because the car story happened at the same time the watch story happened. And the car was worth about the same amount as the watch. I have always contrasted those two gifts given as the one that was “of God” and the one that wasn’t. And remember when I said that for years I was “watch-cursed”? Well, since that time I have always been “car-blessed”.

So what’s the lesson here? Listen to God, be a blessing, and be blessed...and oh yeah, don't be stupid! Amen.

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