Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feed Me to the Crocs

I have a couple of grandkids; Devon and Kiley. My friend Paul tells me his mom had a saying, “Every hen thinks her eggs are the whitest.” Well, my grandkids are surely the whitest eggs in the henhouse.

Kiley is 4 and tonight she’s spending the night with Grandpa Kepler and Gramma Stephie. We picked her up from her house after church, and in the car on the way home Stephanie put in a CD of Christian music, of which she and Kiley are particularly fond. She was able to coax Kiley to sing along to their favorite song on the CD – Lead Me to the Cross. She knows all the words because they do this often.

Stephanie has a beautiful soprano voice, and sings on the praise team at church. Kiley has the beautiful voice of a 4 year old. Grandpa Kepler has the voice of an ornery grandpa. So, when the song came to an interlude Grandpa Kepler sang out “Feed me to the Crocs…..” (To the tune of lead me to the cross).

Kiley: “NO GRANDPA…it’s not feed me….it’s LEAD ME….Lead me to the cross.”
Grandpa: “You mean it doesn’t say Feed me to the Crocs?”
Kiley: “NO! It says Lead Me to the Cross.”

Glad we got that straight.

Heavenly Father: Thank you so much for this precious granddaughter, Kiley. Bless her and keep her in your care all the days of her life. And I know out there somewhere is a little boy that will one day win her affection. Protect him too, Lord I pray. Take his heart in your hands - mold him and make him into a mighty man of God. Amen

I’m just a proud grandpa tonight. Thanks for your indulgence.

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